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  Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemistry, KAIST

Director, Center for Nanomaterials and Chemical Reactions, IBS

  Address: #1115, Dept. of Chemistry, Korea Advanced Institute of
Science and Technology, 34141 Daejeon, Korea
  Phone : 82-42-350-2830 (office)
             82-42-350-2870 (lab)
  Fax : 82-42-350-8130
  E-mail : rryoo@kaist.ac.kr
  Synthesis and characterization of functional nanoporous materials (zeolite, silica, carbon, polymer)
  Heterogeneous catalysis, green chemistry, C1 chemistry, electrochemistry, photocatalysis
  Selected as 'Breakthrough of the Year, 2011' by Science journal


      Science, an internationally renowned scientific journal based in the US, has recently released a special issue of “Breakthrough of the Year, 2011,” dated December 23, 2011.
In the issue, the journal introduces ten most important research breakthroughs made this year. 
Prof. Ryong Ryoo, Department of Chemistry at KAIST, was one of the scientists behind such notable advancements in 2011. Prof. Ryoo has been highly regarded internationally for his research on the development of synthetic version of zeolites, a family of porous minerals that is widely used for products such as laundry detergents, cat litters, etc.
Below is the article from Science, stating the zeolite research:


For Science’s “Breakthrough of the Year, 2011”, please go to: http://www.sciencemag.org/site/special/btoy2011/ 



  Number of published items: 262
Sum of the times cited: 26,484
Average citations per items: 101.08
  h-index: 76

'Top 100 Chemists of the 2000-2010 decade' by UNESCO&IUPAC based on Thomson Reuters citation impact data (2/2011)


  1973-1977        BS degree from Seoul National University
  1977-1979        MS degree from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  1982-1985        PhD degree from Department of Chemistry at Stanford University
                          Major field: heterogeneous catalysis (Advisor: Prof. Michel Boudart)  

  Professional Career
  1979-1982        Research at Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
  1986                 Postdoctoral researcher at University of California, Berkeley
  1986-present   Department of Chemistry
                          Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology  
                          Assistant professor(1986-1990), Associate professor(1990-1996)  
                        Professor(1996-present), Distinguished Professor(2008-present)  
  2012-present   Center for Nanomaterials and Chemical Reactions  
                          Institute for Basic Science  

  Editorial Board for ChemCatChem (Since 2009)

Editorial Board for Chemical Communications (2006-2009)


Member, Presidential Advisory Council on Science & Technology, Korea (2008)


Royal Society of Chemistry Fellow (Since 2006)


Vice-President for Academic Affairs of the Korean Chemical Society (2006)


Council member of International Zeolite Association (2001-2007)


Council member of International Mesotructured Materials Association (2002-2006)


Member of the Korea Academy of Science and Technology (since 2001)


Keynote lecture at Asia Pacific Conference on Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion (Brisbane, 2/2014)


Plenary lecture at 16th Asia-Pacific Congress on Catalysis (Taipei, 10/2013)


Plenary lecture at Workshop on Layered Materials (Prague, 9/2013)


Keynote lecture at 15th International Congress on Catalysis 2012 (Munich, 7/2012)


Plenary lecture at 16ºCBCat (Brazilian Congress of Catalysis) (Brazil, 10/2011)


Plenary lecture at Nanoporous Materials-VI (Canada, 8/2011)


Plenary lecture at 5th International FEZA conference (Valencia, 7/2011)


Keynote lecture at 16th International Zeolite Conference joint with 7th 3rd International Mesostructured Materials Symposium (Sorrento, 7/2010)


Plenary lecture at 22nd German Zeolite Conference (Munich, 3/2010)


Keynote lecture at 21st North American Catalysis Meeting (San Francisco, 6/2009)


Plenary lecture at 2009DOE/BES Catalysis Meeting Sciences: Frontiers in Catalysis: Advanced Synthesis, Characterization and Modeling (Annapolis, 6/2009)


Plenary lecture at IMMS2008 (Namur, 9/2008)


Plenary lecture at FOA9 (Naxos, 5/2007)


Plenary lecture at IMMS2006 (Shanghai, 8/2006)


Plenary lecture at Carbon 2005 (Gyongju, 9/2005)


Plenary lecture at Nanoporous Materials IV (Niagara Falls, 6/2005)


Plenary lecture at 13th International Symposium on Intercalation Compounds (Clermont Ferrand, 6/2005)

  3rd International Mesostructured Materials Symposium (Jeju, 7/2002)
  Korea-France Carbon Workshop (Daejeon, 6 /2005)
  Nanoporous Materials Symposium at PACIFICHEM 2005
    (Hawaii, 12/2005, co-organized with A. Sayari, M. Jaroniec and T. Tatsumi)
  1st Korea-UK Chemistry Workshop (Seoul, 4/2007)

Thomson Reuters Citation Laureate[i.e., Thomson Teuters predictions of 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, jointly with Charles Kresge and Galen Stucky for Design of Functional Mesoporous Materials] (9/2014)


Leading Scientist Fellowship Award of the Year by S-OIL Science Prodigy and Culture Foundation(5/2014)

  10 Breakthroughs of Year 2011 by Science (12/2011)

Top 100 Chemists of the 2000-2010 Decade by UNESCO&IUPAC based on Thomson Reuters citation impact data (2/2011)


Breck Award by International Zeolite Association (7/2010)


Ho-Am Prize in Science by Ho-Am Foundation (6/2010)


Creative Knowledge Awards by MOEST (12/2009)


Distinguished Professor at KAIST (2008)


National Honor Scientist by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Korea (11/2007)


Leading Scientist in a Research Front by Thomson Scientific and KOSEF (5/2007)


Model Scientist for Young People by Korea Science Foundation (8/2006)


Top Scientist Award by Korean government (4/2005)


Grand Academic Award at KAIST (12/2002)


Academic Award by Korean Chemical Society (4/2002)


Professor of the Year at KAIST (12/2001)


Scientist of the Month by Ministry of Science and Technology, Korea (8/2001)


Best Paper Award from Japan Society of Electron Microscopy (with Prof. O. Terasaki 5/2001)


Research of Future Award at ACS Symposium on Nanotechnology in Catalysis (4/2001)


Best Paper Award from Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (4/2001)


Best Paper Award from Korean Chemical Society (4/2000)